We are delighted to announce that through our collective call to action we raised over 9,000€, which was donated to UNRWA and PCRF, two charities doing critical work in Gaza and beyond right now.

In early December 2023 we held two fundraising exhibitions in Prague and London following an international open call for original postcards sized artworks to be donated. There was no barrier to entry, with highly established artists showing alongside emerging and amateur artists alike.

Featured artists included: Adam Broomberg, Tai Shani, Thomas Hirschhorn, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Alfredo Jaar, Peter Kennard, Tereza Zelenkova, Katrin Koenning, Oliver Chanarin, Clare Strand, Mark Mahaney, Jim Goldberg, Karen Knorr, Christian Patterson, Simon Roberts, Laura El-Tantawy, Mitch Epstein, Peter Kennard, Julieta Aranda, Joanna Piotrowska, and hundreds more.

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  • Forthcoming event
    announcement coming soon
  • Artists + Allies x Hebron
    19th April, Venice Biennale

    We are delighted to announce that Postcards for Palestine (PfP) has teamed up with Arts of the Working Class (AWC) to bring our original postcard artworks to Venice during the forthcoming 60th Venice Biennale. PfP’s international scope has always been a core value, as we encourage a multiplicity of voices to come forth in solidarity. This collaboration with AWC embraces an expanded platform and allows our artist-led initiative to be present in Venice and in Berlin. At the Laguna, the postcards will be available at the front desk of the South West Bank: Landworks, Collective Action and Sound exhibition, organised by Artists + Allies x Hebron.

    Since starting the Postcards for Palestine project in October 2023, we have aimed to do more than simply raise funds. We believe in the power of our collective voice as artists to create a force greater than anything we could achieve individually. Beyond the immediate financial support, Postcards for Palestine seeks to bring the story of the Palestinian struggle to a global audience, foster the humanization of ordinary Palestinians, and create person-to-person dialogues inside and beyond Palestine. Postcards for Palestine also seek to unite artists' networks in solidarity. This collaboration allows us to extend our initiative into a new chapter. 

    Original postcard-sized artworks from our open call will be available for of 20,00 (EUR) during the Biennale, with all proceeds being donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians and Doctors without Borders.

  • Claire de Rouen Books
    London, 14th - 16th December, Opening 14th, 6PM–9PM

    Claire de Rouen Books made up the second exhibition in December 2023, held two days after the opening in Prague. 

  • Berlinskej Model
    Prague, 12th December, 6PM–9PM

    The first iteration of PfP was launched at Berlinskej Model Gallery in Prague, for a one night only fundraising event.